Gentle Papas x 0x& Partnership Announcement

2 min readJul 7, 2023


0x& and Gentle Papas have joined forces to establish a dynamic partnership. This collaboration aims to foster innovation in the development, production, and service operation of NFT projects. 0x& will contribute its expertise in NFT rental and utilization solutions, while Gentle Papas will provide the necessary platform and solution technology for the NFT project business.

Together, the companies plan to delve into areas such as enhanced cross-platform compatibility, improved user interfaces, and further NFT tokenization and interoperability advancements. By addressing these crucial aspects, the partnership aims to overcome current barriers and drive mainstream adoption of NFTs, fostering a thriving and sustainable digital marketplace.

0x& X Gentle Papas

Through the partnership, 0x& will use their advanced NFT rental and utilization solution technology to enhance the experience for creators and collectors. 0x&’s rental services allow NFT owners to rent their NFTs without losing their ownership, opening up opportunities for shared assets and collaboration. On the other hand, Gentle Papas, while highlighting such rental solutions, supports NFT platforms with its own expertise. With a vital infrastructure and user-centric design, Gentle Papas facilitates the seamless integration of NFT projects into various digital platforms, enabling easy management of NFT assets and transactions for creators and collectors.

0x& and Gentle Papas are also committed to exploring further collaboration opportunities. Recognizing the potential of NFTs to revolutionize industries, they aim to develop innovative solutions together.

About 0x&

0x& develops various frameworks necessary for NFT games and Dapps. Its solutions can be used to make a better Web3 ecosystem. In particular, the NFT rental solution which is currently in development enhances the participation of gamers through easier NFT accessibility.

Collaborating with global partners in expanding its business, 0x& also works as a validator for XPLA and HAVAH. 0x& aims to release its own web3 games in the future.

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About Gentle Papas

Gentle Papas is a company that specializes in platform and solution technology for NFT projects. They offer a robust infrastructure and advanced tools that support the seamless integration of NFTs into various digital platforms. With a focus on user-centric design and scalability, Gentle Papas aims to provide creators and collectors with an easy-to-use platform for managing NFT assets and transactions. Their expertise contributes to the overall enhancement and growth of the NFT ecosystem.